Manu was born in Mendoza, a city next to the Argentinean Andes. He started skiing at the age of four. His parents encouraged him to practice a mountain sport in order to help him cure his asthma. The cure proved so successful that he couldn’t stop going back to the stone sentinels.

Reaching high summits was a beautiful endeavor, but his curiosity, and adventurous nature, kicked in. What about downhill mountain biking from 6800m? Manu has completed this on three different rides down volcanoes in the Atacama desert, west of the Andes Mountains. The journey through this magnificent plateau mattered more than the achievement. “No Bike’s Land’ documentary, based on this challenge, was featured in nine Mountain Film Festivals across Europe.

He then climbed in Scotland and in the Alps. Life is a challenge, and he tried to meet it by riding mountain bike endurance races in Europe and later in Costa Rica. Traveling between Europe and Central America for over five years allowed him to discover his third passion beyond mountains and bikes: the oceans.

As a certified PADI Dive Master, Manu explores the world under the sea for one purpose: to discover an environment so full of life, yet so fragile and endangered.

Manu believes that in today’s world, where social media allows us to see further than our eyes can see, the journey becomes way more important than the arrival. Sharing our world wonders, through adventures and expeditions, allows us to discover, visit, care and preserve the beautiful world we live in.

He has bachelor in International Relations and a Master in Business Administration. Reading, studying and a keen eye for photography are among his passions to better understand our society. He is a happy ambassador for the Finnish company Suunto, and Chicago based NGO World Bicycle Relief.

The journey shall continue, as well as new adventures. Let’s meet here often to travel and uncover planet earth together.


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Manu Bustelo