Touring Spain with Electric Motorbikes

In 2009, while completing my PADI Dive Master certification in Roatan (Bay Islands, Honduras) I was requested to map some portions of the reef not too far away from the coast. Using just fins, mask, snorkel and an underwater sledge my focus kept changing between carefully mapping the reef and those turtles that surfaced from time at my side to breath. I found myself alone with those breath-taking reefs and the turtles visiting them. An awe-inspiring experience that stays forever in my heart.

A year later, in the Gulf of Mexico, Deep Water Horizon perforation rig suffer a massive explosion which triggered the biggest marine oil spill in history. The flow went out of control for about three months and 4.9 million barrels (780,000m3) of crude oil leaked into the ocean. In 2012 reports indicated that the well site was still liking.

About 7.000m3 of Corexit oil dispersant were used in the ocean to break down the big lump of oil into smaller parts. Due to the massive leak during months and the adverse effects of cleanup activities and dispersants, extensive damage was done to marine life. Three years later, in 2013 it was reported that dolphins and other species such as turtles, were dying by a ratio six times higher than usual. I couldn’t help but thinking during all these years about those wonderful turtles who so peacefully were enjoying clear waters off the coast of Roatan.

I still remember them. Each time I have to stop in a gas station to refill my hybrid car. A full tank takes about 40l of gasoline while a 10kw battery pack provide power to a small electric engine. Hybrid, but dependent on oil. The only way we can avoid further oil leaks in oceans and land is by stop drilling, stop having oil as the visceral column of our current economy. We need to stop depending on oil to move our vehicles. Otherwise, marine life will continue to be harmed in silence, with small to big spills that currently take place without us even knowing about it.

Together with Albert Bosch ( ) we begun to develop adventures designed exclusively to promote sustainable mobility and electric vehicles, linked with a profound message of conservation. We firmly believe that electric mobility is among the many keys that will unlock our dependence on oil.

VOLTA MOTORBIKES  ( ) has been the first electric vehicles company to support us in our new endeavor called ‘EVenture Projects’ (visit: ). Massive adoption of electric vehicles is still a long way ahead. Together with VOLTA MOTORBIKES we are becoming actors in a revolution that has already begun, the electrification of the automobile industry.


We collected our motorbikes with 4kw battery packs that enable us to ride for about 100km. When I recharge my bike batteries I no longer think about turtles dying covered with oil. I now think about solar and wind energy, that can provide the necessary renewable energy into the grid. I think about a future with an electric grid powered entirely by renewable energy.


Our electric motorbikes become the first step to free ourselves from oil dependence to move. We are freeing ourselves from causing further oil leaks. Will you follow us in this electric revolution?

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