The magic land around Pissis volcano

Pissis volcano is placed in the ‘Andes Septentrionales’, to the south of the Atacama dessert. The area that surrounds this volcano is over the second highest plateau of the World, where we can find plenty of wildlife adapted to the harshness of such environment.

Countless Vicuñas live on these high flatlands, where the more colorful flamingos are seen on the distant lagoons. As there’s a high content of minerals on the lagoons waters, the more beautiful combination of colors can be found around the area of Laguna Negra and Laguna Azul.


This is certainly an area worth visiting if you happened to be on the north of Argentina. Several volcanoes have been rarely climbed, offering countless possibilities for those adventures seekers who enjoy nature where the closest human being around is at several hundred miles away.

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