The importance of adventure

From the time we are born, we are taught the concept that we are a citizen of a native country. That’s fine; we represent a culture, a language and a way of viewing the world. Cultural diversity is among the richest treasures we have as human beings.  But nationality is not what defines humanity.  We very often forget that despite we are born in a particular city or a particular country, we all really belong to just one place, one home called planet Earth.

This is why adventuring is important for all of us. By discovering new countries, new cultures, new mountains, new oceans, deserts and forests, or just by simply riding your bike a long distance from home,  we discover more about our planet, this home for all.

Don’t start big. Feel free to take small steps. The first adventure might be waiting for you just around the corner; certainly there are places where you haven’t been, people whom you haven’t met. Concerned about the cost of adventure? Money is not the primary tool to travel; your imagination to come up with solutions is as essential as your legs to walk or ride a bike a couple of hundred miles away from ‘home’. For example, helping a local NGO to assist those in need or protecting endangered species.  Promoting outdoor sports and the love for the nature and culture in your local community could already offer you unexpected exploits.

Take pictures, write a few lines or/and film your adventures. Give them your own personal meaning. You may wish to communicate, protest, witness, protect, transform, admire or inspire. When you feel it is the right time, share them with the world. You could inspire others.

Ultimately, adventure helps us to put things into perspective.  As we come across the unexpected, we learn more about who we are as individuals and collectively. To be an adventurer is not a profession, it is perhaps a role embedded within the human spirit.

Get out there and explore. Your home is waiting for you.


                           Incahuasi Volcano, on the edge of Atacama dessert

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