Solar charger for Suunto X10

If you are planning to be on the wild with your Suunto X10 for several days or weeks, have you thought about recharging its battery? Suunto X10 is a great tool for your outdoor trips, which besides barometric, compass and altitude features comes along with a powerful GPS. As Suunto X10 battery needs a daily recharging after an intensive GPS usage (about six and a half hours with a satellite lock of 1 second) you need to have a practical and light tool to recharge the battery.

There isn’t a better solution out there than a Solio solar charger. Either the Solio Hybrid or Solio models will do it. They are light, compact, easy to transport and extremely fast solar chargers. I have tested them up to 7000 mts and they work perfect. In fact, the higher you are the faster they charge as sun light becomes more intense.

Don’t hesitate, a Solio charger would become the perfect companion for your Suunto X9, X9i or X10 wristwatches.

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