Hello again!

Since I woke up in the Honduras Caribbean town named Tela this morning, I felt a rush I should let Suunto crossports lovers to know the wonderful things anyone can do and see in Central America.

I spent a week in Nicaragua. I would recommend anyone loving mountains and nature to jump into the ferry that takes you to Ometepe Island placed in the middle of Lago Nicaragua. This island it's not only packed with wild and astonishing wildlife, but also with the magnificent view of Concepcion (1600) and Maderas (1350) volcanoes. Both can be climbed, although the highest one is currently 'very active' and due to the heavy emission of poisonous gas, it is not recommended to go higher than 1000 m.

Then I moved to Roatan, a beautiful Caribbean island one of the three Honduras’s Bay Islands. Mentioned as a diving paradise I thought ' why not trying scuba diving then?' As I didn’t have any diving certification, I ended up getting an Open Water and a Deep Dive certification. Ten days ago I knew little about swimming with my head under the water and now I have finished wonderful dives and discovered the world that lies at 45 m deep!

I was also happy to found out the good reputation of Suunto dive computers among the diving instructors (2 out of 3 had a Suunto dive computer). Furthermore, I was glad to dive with my Suunto t6 to a depth of 45 m. Although it is not packed with useful diving functions, it was a very useful timekeeper down there.

I have discovered in scuba diving a wonderful sport that goes in the opposite direction of what I am used to: go to high altitudes! The fantastic world that lies below the water is as breathtaking as looking down from a 7000 m summit.

That’s all for now folks. I am off to visit Copan and Tikkal, two cities within the most important Mayan legacy.


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